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 Slave Chores

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PostSubject: Slave Chores   Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:09 pm

Slave Chores

Chores Are:
1. Done in the room
2. Copied with the time stamp, then pasted to the slave's personal chore board under Slave Chores on the Keep’s message board.
3. Remember to log in every time you go to the message board.
4. Post chores in this way:
• Go the to slave's personal chore board in the Slave Chores section of the message board.
• A new thread is started for each chore. Click on New Thread.
• In the Subject Line, type a short description of the chore.
• Copy and paste the posts of the chore into the Message box.
• Use Preview to check what has been pasted.
• Click Post Message.
5. If All Free have been served, you are to ask permission of the highest ranking Free to do a chore, study scrolls, or write a dance. Please do not sit idle.

Suggestions for Chores

1. Give fresh water. Put grain and field grasses into their troughs. Give scrap meats to the sleens and kaiilas.
2. Muck the stalls with a rake. Collect the dung in a wheelbarrow to be used later for fertilizer or for use as fire chips. Lay down fresh straw bedding.
3. Check the fences for breaches. Put up new wire and wood.
4. Milk the bosk and verr so there is a continuous supply of fresh milk, cream, and butter.
5. Collect vulo eggs. Feed grain and give fresh water.
6. Catch fish at the river and clean.
7. Clean and care for all animal tack.
8. Herding bosk to and from pasture. The gate between the pens and open pasture must be opened and closed. Bosk will need to be taken to pasture then brought in later.
9. Shear the verr. Their wool can be used for clothing.
10. Mend fishing nets. Tie flies for the fishing poles with vulo feathers and wire.
11. Tan hides


1. Change out empty old casks, botas, bottles.
2. Check for freshness of food and clean the bins of different vegetables and fruits.
3. Collect all the old meats and spoiled meats-use for sleen and kailla food.
4. Check all cheese for mold and discard.


1. Tend to garden by watering, weeding, planting and harvesting.
2. Weed the pathways.
3. Clear the pathways of snow in the winter

Spar Pit/Dance Pit

The dance and spar pits are to be free of all debris. Rake and lay down fresh sand as needed.

Hot Springs

1. Gather soiled towels, wash and replace.
2. Restock soaps and scented oils.


1. Find shells in the river and make jewelry or use beads of various colors and shapes and make bead necklaces, earrings, belly chains.
2. String ankle bells.
3. Paint mugs, bowl, goblets.


1. Make fresh blackwine, slavewine, mulled kalana, squeeze fruit for fresh juice.
2. Check all the spice jars and tins, clean and refill them.
3. Make stew Roast meat. Fry eggs.
4. Bake pastries Make desserts.
5. Inventory pantry supplies and restock.
6. Fillet the meat and fish as it is brought in.
7. Make jerky and cure meats.
8. Wipe down counters in the kitchen.
9. Load and unload Merchant crates.
10. Wash dishes, trays, and pots.
11. Check for chipped bowls, goblets, cups, horns, plates.
12. Inventory what was discarded. Add the inventory to your chore post and also give it to a trainer.
13. Check the botas. Empty ones are to be washed and dried.
14. Check all breads for mold and discard.
15. Slice fresh fruit, breads, and cheese.
16. Grind blackwine beans using grinding stones and rep cloth


1. Make rope.
2. Make rence paper.
3. Make rugs.
4. Carve eating utensils out of bosk and tabuk horns (get permission to use a knife).
5. Weave baskets from rence, twine, or twigs.

Member and Guest Quarters/Slave Kennels

1. Pick fresh flowers and put in vases in the Member and Guest rooms and about the Inn.
2. Clean and shine boots.
3. Polish furniture.
4. Dust.
5. Fill the thalarion lamps in all the rooms and inn with thalarion oil. Check the wicks for replacement. Dust off the glass cover.
6. Sweep and mop the floors.
7. Clean off the tables and chairs.
8. Collect the dirty dishes, goblets, utensils.
9. Launder clothing and dirty reps.
10. Take the furs outside and beat with a stick. Brush the fur till smooth.
11. Clean the slave cages, polish the bars and oil the hinges.
12. Iron clothes.
13. Add wood to the fires.
14. Collect wood and stack it next to the hearth fires for use.
15. Mend torn items.
16. Wash down the walls.
17. Launder slave attire.
18. Clean the slave dorm.
19. Wash windows.
20. Clean the hearth using a shovel and remove the ashes. Dust off the hearth and lay the logs for the next fire.
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Slave Chores
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